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Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Claim Your Influence: Claim Your Life

April 27th, 2011

Influence is a state of being.  When we are living with our influence fully expressed doors open, life becomes easier and we make a difference.  Power and influence are all directly connected.  Power is the ability, strength, and capacity to do something.    Influence is the effect of something on a person, thing, or event or the power that somebody has to affect other people’s thinking or actions by means of argument, example, or force of personality.  When we believe we have the power to create change influence is a direct outcome. 

It’s important for us to understand what we value in order to make a decision on where we want to place our attention in the world.  Power is the energy behind influence and can be found in four specific realms:  the spiritual, the intellectual, the emotional and the physical.  Have you ever thought about the source of your power?  Have you ever asked yourself where you place the majority of your power and influence?

Women have a great ability to influence the direction in which the world is moving but we must first understand our powerful and unique world view and value the strength and contribution of our voice.  Voice is the medium or expression for power and influence.  In my work with women, two of the greatest areas I have focused on over the years are clear expression of voice and the right use of will or influence.  We need clarity and confidence to express our values through our voice.

 Join us tomorrow to learn more about the influence you are making in the world today and about how success, influence and power play a major role in how you show up in the world.  To join us at this exciting Living Room, please register at

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What Is The Feminine Perspective?

March 16th, 2011

There has been much conversation concerning how women and men speak different languages and look at things differently. When researching my book, “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power” I learned that there really is a feminine perspective informed by specific attributes, gifts and talents. Our brain biology; socialization and whole perspective is different. Our sisters the suffragettes created an opening where our voices could be heard. Our later sisters fought for the Equal Rights Amendment which moved us towards an equal footing in business and finance. Today we face the next movement. This is the movement to claim and fully live our Essential Feminine.

Often women’s confidence is shaken because we don’t fully understand or claim these natural gifts. For many women they have been convinced that these gifts are inferior aspects of being. For us to gain confidence in this world, we first need to “know thyself”. Once we know ourselves, we then need to believe in ourselves and allow ourselves the opportunity to fully express the amazing beings that we are. If your confidence has ever been shattered, stand back and rebuild it. Bring yourself to the company of other women who can serve as models or guides. If you have strong confidence, look at a sister who does not and guide her. Point out what is amazing in her. If she is young, support her to understand the unique and special meaning of her life. Confidence prevails when we are deeply aware of our meaning.

On Wednesday, March 23rd in The Essential Feminine™ Company “Living Room” we will be discussing confidence and how it relates to creating an amazing life by choice. Join us at 12:00 noon – 1:15 PM PSDT for conversation and networking on this topic. Register at:

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Awakening To Powerful Feminine Confidence

March 9th, 2011

Writing to you on the topic of Confidence during this very special week of the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day has made me think of how the meaning of the work confidence has changed over the years for women.  When we go back to what confidence would have meant to our sisters (the Suffragettes) who were paving the way for our vote and freedom of voice – they had little confidence in their ability to be heard or taken seriously in a system that saw them as invisible. 

Today we are not invisible.  Today we have 85% of the purchasing power in the US and we make up over 52% of the small businesses and are heads of household in 51% of the American households.  Today in Egypt and One Million Women March is scheduled to take place.  Reem Shahin, a member of the Million Woman March movement says, “We are not convinced by the amendments of the constitution as they don’t give women the right to run for presidential elections, and there are still no equal rights”.  This quote amazes me as we are now beginning to see many issues that our women faced in the 1920’s become prevalent issues to our sisters in the Middle East.  I wish them well.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating International Women’s Day with our friends at the Global Dialogue Center.  We at The Essential Feminine™ Company strongly believe that it is when we ourselves and our sisters allow confidence to develop in all areas of our lives, we will reach freedom.  Confidence is a birthright built on our ability to voice what we feel and our ability to express  our inner wisdom and  knowledge.  Please join Debbe Kennedy and me along with other wonderful hosts and facilitators in conversation with Frances Hesselbein as we discuss “LEADERSHIP by Example 2011 | WOMEN in the Lead: Our Significant Roles as WOMEN in a Global Economy”  or go to |

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Maureen J. Simon

Founder and Creative Director

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The Essential Feminine Company Living Rooms Inspire and Transform Women’s Lives Monthly

February 22nd, 2011

Can you imagine living your life with influence, power and success?  If you can, then this is your time. Women are stepping forward to live and lead in ways like they never have before.

 The Essential Feminine™ Company is leading a movement based on the belief that women’s natural talents and gifts are needed in the world today. Women world-wide are awakening on mass—just look at your email and you will see the awakening –daily.  We are re-launching our well known and loved complimentary Living Rooms this month and will be hosting them on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 12 noon PST. Let us take you on a journey to that essential part of you that is ready to create success, live with influence, and really make a difference in the world.  We will provide consulting, webinars and products that support you to create your custom life and/or business building from your natural feminine essence. Join me on this journey to your Essential Feminine.

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Begin to build lifelong confidence, overcome your resistance to change, and create a life that allows you to live with influence, power and success.

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Realize Confidence

October 25th, 2010

As we move into the autumn and winter months, for many of us, it becomes easier to reflect on our lives.  The darker days with rain and snow inevitably slow us down.  Use this time to contemplate where your confidence level is today in the different areas of your life; work, partnership, health, new acquaintances, and with new possibilities and risks.   

You will probably notice differences in these areas.  Notice also the state of your well-being in each of these areas.  Is there a direct correlation between well-being and confidence?

In The Essential Feminine™ Living Room, on October 27th at noon PST, we will be looking closely at how our energy, biorhythms, the meaning of our lives and our overall physical and mental health totally inform our confidence.  We will look at ways to raise our vibrations and discover how your choices relate to the life you live daily.

It is important to realize that a truly confident woman gains her strength from truly respecting her body, from a clear and rested mind and from a deeply expressed soul.

Join us in our “Living Room” for our complementary session of information and networking with women world-wide.  Register at:

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Powerful, Focused, Highly Intentional Living

September 14th, 2010

What does life look and feel like when you are living with highly intentionally with focus and power?  Today we read so much about conscious living that the opportunity to look closely at these issues are readily available and provide us with insights that can totally change the quality of our lives.  The world has caught on to the idea that when we choose to live with clear intention and place our focus on this intention our sense of power and overall quality of life excel.

What are the aspects of intentional living that we need to incorporate into our lives or be aware of on a daily basis?  Intentional living begins with a connection to ourselves, our inner voice and our sense of knowing on a daily basis.  From this place of clarity and listening we begin to envision or become clear about what we want to create, be or contribute in a given day.  This leads to a sense of focus and intention that allows us to both measure consciously the things that make up our days and lives, as well as to make choices to refine and improve the way we live. 

We often get a feeling that we are living our lives aligned with the things we love or not.  We often get signs or hunches that lead us to information or help us clarify feelings.  These are gifts and guides that we need to listen to daily.  I suggest having time in the morning in quiet or in contemplation to review what the day could ideally hold. 

I have just started to look at some of the simple beginnings to creating a highly intentional, focused and powerful life.  So many different components including deep inner connection, a clear sense of how we want to live our life (in all areas), a clear sense of what power and contribution meant to us – as they serve as driving forces and give us motivation to design an amazing life. This month we are going to look more closely at highly intentional living as I believe that many of us are clear that this is the only way to live.  On September 22 at noon PST, we will be exploring this topic in The Essential Feminine™ Living Room and during the month of September we will be looking at the different components of an intentional life in our weekly blog.  Stay tuned and join us in the Living Room.  Please register at

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Why Does Our Inner Life Create Success In Our Outer Life

August 22nd, 2010

The reason women come to me is because they say they have done all that they are supposed to do and are still not happy.  They got an education, climbed the ladder, but they sometimes feel empty.  They have ignored their spirit, inner voice and deepest desires.

Here’s the problem.  Women work hard.  Some get top flight educations but feel empty inside.  Some stay in jobs they dislike for security, ignoring their sprit and inner voice.  Some lose track of their natural ways to fit into masculine business scenarios. 

The only way that we can reach true success is when we allow our inner quiet wisdom and knowledge to guide us on a daily basis.  The only way that we can truly receive this guidance is by listening.  The only way we can truly listen is by having a way to connect with this guidance.  For some this connection comes in the form of meditation, for others prayer.  My way is through silence – deep silence in the early morning.  Before my day begins I embark upon a quiet inner journey.  I seek stillness and drop into the quietness.  From this place, a sense of refreshment often arises.  By the end of my quiet moments I often feel renewal and a sense of peace.  At times I will leave my quiet sitting with an idea or thought that I believe never would have visited me had I not stayed still long enough to receive it.

Join us in The Living Room of The Essential Feminine when Camille Maurine and I explore ways that you can enrich your inner life and reach greater levels of success and satisfaction.  We will be there on August 25th at noon Pacific Time.  Be sure to register at: .

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Inner Life, Outer Success

August 3rd, 2010

Did you ever wonder how outer success comes about?  You may remember last month we focused our blogs and The Essential Feminine Living Room on the topic of Feminine Abundance.  This month we are turning our attention to how our inner life informs and supplies our outer life.  When we say inner life, we understand that this can mean different things to different people, cultures, and ways of life.  No matter where you are or what you believe there is a universal truth that when we connect to our visions, intentions and deepest desires from a place of quiet, stillness and inner reflection the outcome is more balanced, harmonious and often more successful. 

Traditions around the globe have valued the art of contemplation for thousands of years.  For when we have the ability to connect in, listen from within and lead and live from within riches abound.  The idea that quieting the mind leads to a quiet and replenished central nervous system has been proven time and time again from scientific research on meditation to the hundreds and thousands of people now prioritizing a practice of contemplation and stillness in their lives.  There is a great interest in stillness and in developing our inner connection because the world has become fast and for many, out of control.  The respite of a practice that guides us to connect deep within our self informs our sense of surety when we are making decisions as our level of clarity is greatly increased.

Do you have a practice for contemplation through your faith, personal inquiry or community?  Can it be richer, more committed, more focused?  Do you need support in beginning or creating a deeper, richer practice?  If so, you are in luck.  This month we will be discussing our inner life and outer success and on August 25th we will be joined in The Essential Feminine Company’s Living Room by Camille Maurine, a renowned teacher and author of a fabulous book entitled “Meditation For Women”.  I have known Camille for many years and have had the pleasure of facilitating women’s groups with her in Los Angeles.  She will show you simplistic ways to practice, still the mind and open new opportunities for you throughout the day.  She’s a master and lots of fun.  Join us on …. By registering at

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A Mid-Year Wake Up

May 12th, 2010

Every life holds a higher purpose.  It is important to know how our actions and thoughts contribute to this purpose and, therefore, to the good of others.  When we connect our will to a higher will we immediately do well and serve others.  When we serve others there is a richness of spirit in our lives.  We all have a special contribution to make.  When we dream about our ideal life, we are beginning to envision our highest potential.  And, if we can align our lives with the highest good for all, we experience the benefit of this in our own lives.  Inner listening is a sure way to connect with higher will.  Notice messages that come through in your dreams as well as the signs that make themselves clear in your day-to-day life. 

The energy that we have in our day is directly correlated with our higher purpose.  When our actions and higher purpose are aligned we experience a vibrancy and energy that feels alive.  If we experience our energy shutting down or dullness, we are probably not aligned with our higher will.  Listen closely for the messages through moods, signs in the body, the quality of your health and the way that you feel in certain environments.  Your body your mind and your spirit all hold extremely valuable information.

As we move towards the mid-year point, notice if you are living awake or asleep.  Join us in the Essential Feminine Living Room for a complimentary adventure that is sure to awaken your spirit and connect you with amazing women from around the world.  Register at the links below.




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Signs of Success

April 19th, 2010

In speaking with women over the years concerning success, I have found that in nine out of ten cases, women see success as having a meaningful life; a life in which their gifts are expressed and their skills are used and appreciated.  From this perspective here are some signs of a successful life.

  1. Your relationships, both in your business and personal lives, enhance your life.
  2. Your work (or business) is a reflection of your values.
  3. You enjoy your work and are fully present in all you do.
  4. You have a clear intention for the future.
  5. You rely on your inner knowledge.
  6. You expect and recognize signs and synchronicities in your life.
  7. You can cultivate financial opportunities and receive abundantly.

With attention to these areas, you can have lasting success throughout your life.  A life with meaning and enduring success is the topic of The Essential Feminine’s next complimentary Living Room.  Please join our lively and informative conversation on this topic on April 28.  To register go to:

If you wish to share during the networking phase of our Living Room please let me know with an email to

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