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Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Women’s Innate People Skills – They Are So Needed in the World

May 27th, 2009

“Women’s innate people skills will be a valuable commodity in almost every sector of the twenty-first-century economy.  Peter Drucker and many other respected business analysts have come to regard people as a company’s most crucial resource. “The organization of the future,” Drucker says, “must be non-bureaucratic and based on the concept of human capital.”

 With their people skills, their language abilities, their drive to network, and their faculty for contextual thinking, women will be extremely valuable human capital in almost any business setting.  No segment of the marketplace, however, requires people skills more constantly than the service occupations.”

-Helen Fisher, The First Sex

I believe the first step in towards women becoming “extremely valuable human capital in almost any business setting” is first and foremost for us to realize the essential value that we hold in both business and the world. Our gifts and talents must be realized first through a personal inventory. Once we are clear about how the feminine lives in our own lives we can begin to reach out and educate ourselves so that we can better understand the natural gifts of the feminine and how they can become more alive in business and the world.

 Start today—-what do you uniquely contribute to business, your community and the world as a woman? What feminine gifts do your sisters naturally hold?

 When we personally awaken and claim our gifts, talents and attributes we will begin to see the feminine truly valued in the world.

 Maureen Simon


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The Power Within

May 22nd, 2009

“ I had been raised to assume all power was outside myself, but they (men) had been raised to place power almost nowhere but within themselves.  Often, they were suffering, too.  Just as the fantasy of no control was the enemy of my self-esteem, the fantasy of total control was the enemy of theirs.  For both of us, the goal should have been a point of balance in between: a back-and-forth between the self and others, uniqueness and unity, the planned and the accidental, our internal selves and the universe.  As wise women and men in every culture tell us:  the art of life is not controlling what happens to us, but using what happens to us.”

Gloria Steinem  “Revolution From Within”

When we think about our influence and our sense of self, the idea of power becomes a central theme.  Women have been a part of cultures that place power over her, as opposed to power with or next to her, for far too long.  We need to realize that only if we recognize and claim it will our personal power becomes truly enlivened in our lives.  This sense of strength manifests through our competence, our voice and our excitement towards living.  Use your past experiences to guide your strength going forward.  Never be victim to the challenging days that have passed but as Gloria says, use them to your benefit and advantage today. 

Maureen Simon

How Do We Know How To Live Our Lives

May 11th, 2009

 “Be the world so rough may I never forget the vision of my heart?

The dreams of my soul,

The creative plans and ideas that quicken my blood

 And inspire my being”

~ Caitlin Matthews in Celtic Devotional (1996)                

 We are offered opportunities to discover our deepest passion in life at each day of our life. We often step back timidly and choose not to trust our inner voice that is our true guide and brings us important information about next steps.  Life gives us sneak previews, small glimpses, chills up our spine, butterflies in our stomachs and feelings that help us know when we’ve entered that zone of passion.  Why do we run from life’s offerings and question the immense opportunities in our life?

When we sell out on fully living our life from our deepest passion, we miss the vast possibilities that are truly available to us. We limit ourselves greatly when we don’t trust the inner voice that informs us daily on our life’s path by teaching us through- how we “feel”. How we “feel” is the major indication as to whether our day-to-day actions are in alignment with what we are meant to do and of how we are meant to live. We cannot be truly whole, unless we begin to understand the choices that we’re making in our lives, and how they relate to the deepest passion that lies within the depths our souls.


Maureen Simon

Maureen J. Simon Consulting

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“Designing Business & Lives”

Allowing The Positive To Prevail

April 30th, 2009

“Flowers always make people feel better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul”.

                                                                                                Luther Burbank



In these most challenging times it is so important to bring our thoughts to see and experience the positive that exists in our world. War, human suffering abuses in equity abound. How can we bring our thoughts to include all of the positive that exists daily in the world?


If we can agree that our thoughts are the precursor to the way we live in the world, it would make sense to watch our thoughts. It is time to hope for better days and to play a significant role in the direction that this world is going. Let’s start by noticing the thoughts that we think each day and by taking one small action to benefit more than just our own needs!


Maureen Simon