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Realize Confidence

As we move into the autumn and winter months, for many of us, it becomes easier to reflect on our lives.  The darker days with rain and snow inevitably slow us down.  Use this time to contemplate where your confidence level is today in the different areas of your life; work, partnership, health, new acquaintances, and with new possibilities and risks.   

You will probably notice differences in these areas.  Notice also the state of your well-being in each of these areas.  Is there a direct correlation between well-being and confidence?

In The Essential Feminine™ Living Room, on October 27th at noon PST, we will be looking closely at how our energy, biorhythms, the meaning of our lives and our overall physical and mental health totally inform our confidence.  We will look at ways to raise our vibrations and discover how your choices relate to the life you live daily.

It is important to realize that a truly confident woman gains her strength from truly respecting her body, from a clear and rested mind and from a deeply expressed soul.

Join us in our “Living Room” for our complementary session of information and networking with women world-wide.  Register at:

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  1. 1 Nancy Shields said at 3:46 pm on October 26th, 2010:

    Can’t wait for the living room tomorrow…I’ll be in Wilmington, NC for the day but will take my computer to listen in…..I so look forward to these talks~ Great post my friend and internal evaluations so very important in life!

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