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Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Claim Your Influence: Claim Your Life

April 27th, 2011

Influence is a state of being.  When we are living with our influence fully expressed doors open, life becomes easier and we make a difference.  Power and influence are all directly connected.  Power is the ability, strength, and capacity to do something.    Influence is the effect of something on a person, thing, or event or the power that somebody has to affect other people’s thinking or actions by means of argument, example, or force of personality.  When we believe we have the power to create change influence is a direct outcome. 

It’s important for us to understand what we value in order to make a decision on where we want to place our attention in the world.  Power is the energy behind influence and can be found in four specific realms:  the spiritual, the intellectual, the emotional and the physical.  Have you ever thought about the source of your power?  Have you ever asked yourself where you place the majority of your power and influence?

Women have a great ability to influence the direction in which the world is moving but we must first understand our powerful and unique world view and value the strength and contribution of our voice.  Voice is the medium or expression for power and influence.  In my work with women, two of the greatest areas I have focused on over the years are clear expression of voice and the right use of will or influence.  We need clarity and confidence to express our values through our voice.

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The Essential Feminine Company Living Rooms Inspire and Transform Women’s Lives Monthly

February 22nd, 2011

Can you imagine living your life with influence, power and success?  If you can, then this is your time. Women are stepping forward to live and lead in ways like they never have before.

 The Essential Feminine™ Company is leading a movement based on the belief that women’s natural talents and gifts are needed in the world today. Women world-wide are awakening on mass—just look at your email and you will see the awakening –daily.  We are re-launching our well known and loved complimentary Living Rooms this month and will be hosting them on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 12 noon PST. Let us take you on a journey to that essential part of you that is ready to create success, live with influence, and really make a difference in the world.  We will provide consulting, webinars and products that support you to create your custom life and/or business building from your natural feminine essence. Join me on this journey to your Essential Feminine.

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Begin to build lifelong confidence, overcome your resistance to change, and create a life that allows you to live with influence, power and success.

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A Mid-Year Wake Up

May 12th, 2010

Every life holds a higher purpose.  It is important to know how our actions and thoughts contribute to this purpose and, therefore, to the good of others.  When we connect our will to a higher will we immediately do well and serve others.  When we serve others there is a richness of spirit in our lives.  We all have a special contribution to make.  When we dream about our ideal life, we are beginning to envision our highest potential.  And, if we can align our lives with the highest good for all, we experience the benefit of this in our own lives.  Inner listening is a sure way to connect with higher will.  Notice messages that come through in your dreams as well as the signs that make themselves clear in your day-to-day life. 

The energy that we have in our day is directly correlated with our higher purpose.  When our actions and higher purpose are aligned we experience a vibrancy and energy that feels alive.  If we experience our energy shutting down or dullness, we are probably not aligned with our higher will.  Listen closely for the messages through moods, signs in the body, the quality of your health and the way that you feel in certain environments.  Your body your mind and your spirit all hold extremely valuable information.

As we move towards the mid-year point, notice if you are living awake or asleep.  Join us in the Essential Feminine Living Room for a complimentary adventure that is sure to awaken your spirit and connect you with amazing women from around the world.  Register at the links below.




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Honoring Your Feminine Attributes Can Bring About A Tipping Point

October 21st, 2009

I believe that there has not been a time in modern history on a cross-cultural and global basis where men and women have stood side by side, providing leadership that equally respects and acknowledges both masculine and feminine attributes. I believe that that time has now come. It is now time for us to create a more equitable, harmonious and more successful business, political and community environments as we integrate the feminine and masculine traits. Women have an opportunity to now step forward and to choose to make greater leadership contributions across these arenas by leveraging the innate feminine attributes that they have for so long set aside in order to adapt to the masculine culture that defines our world today.

So what will it take for a major awakening in women to occur? How will women realize that when the strong feminine gifts that we hold are integrated in to the decisions of the world that healing of wars, corrupt businesses and our planet will follow? Malcolm Gladwell in his brilliant book, “The Tipping Point”, states that “Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do”. It is now time for women to understand and own the essential role that their feminine attributes contribute such as relationship building, web thinking, inclusive communication, to name a few. These attributes must be honored and valued by ourselves before a tipping point in awareness or the collective conscience can occur.

As a woman, do you understand the unique and precious values and gifts that your feminine attributes can play in the world? Where can you contribute your wisdom, knowledge and care to make a difference in the world? We must understand and value the gifts of the feminine in order for there to be a tipping point that travels across the world and proudly claims – that women hold an essential role in the world today.

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