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Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

“Do Women Understand their Essential Place in the World?”

February 3rd, 2010

“Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do”.
The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell

I believe that there has not been a time in modern history on a cross-cultural and global basis where men and women have stood side by side, providing leadership that equally respects and acknowledges both masculine and feminine attributes. I believe that that time has now come. It is now time for us to create a more equitable, harmonious and more successful business, political and community environments as we integrate the feminine and masculine traits. Women have an opportunity to now step forward and to chose to make greater leadership contributions across these arenas by leveraging the innate feminine attributes that they have for so long set aside in order to adapt to the masculine culture that defines our world today.

So what will it take for a major awakening in women to occur? How will women realize that when the strong feminine gifts that we hold are integrated in to the decisions of the world that healing of wars, corrupt businesses and our planet will follow? Malcolm Gladwell in his brilliant book, “The Tipping Point”, speaks about ideas, products, and messages spreading like viruses. It is now time for women to understand and own the essential role that their feminine attributes contribute such as relationship building, web thinking, inclusive communication, to name a few. These attributes must be honored and valued by ourselves before a tipping point in awareness or the collective conscience can occur.

As a woman, do you understand the unique and precious values and gifts that your feminine attributes can play in the world? Where can you contribute your wisdom, knowledge and care to make a difference in the world? We must understand and value the gifts of the feminine in order for there to be a tipping point that travels across the world and proudly claims – that women hold an essential role in the world today.

Maureen Simon
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As The New Year Approaches

December 2nd, 2009

As the new year approaches, it is a time to look to the future and think about what you would like the next year to bring.  This year you have the opportunity to design the life you most desire—consciously and intentionally as we move into 2010.  This year create your resolutions in a supportive, hand on your back environment by joining us for a journey to:

  •  Create a blueprint for a life design that includes success, satisfaction and full expression
  • Become conscious of what you really believe, need and value as this is your foundation to sustainable change
  • Walk away with clear objectives, action items and a vision
  • Enjoy companionate support and accountability from a world-renowned confidant and consultant.

Join us for this life transforming journey. 2010 will open many possibilities to women that the world has not yet seen. The collective is ready. Are you??? Arrive consciously –with clear intentions. The time is now!

Maureen Simon  
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Success from the Feminine Perspective

October 27th, 2009

Many women are exploring ways to create more success in their lives. I think that’s great, but I think there’s more to life for women than just success. So often we have been putting on the trousers, climbing the ladder, and doing things in a masculine way in all areas of our life. The problem with this is that we inevitably leave an important part of our authentic self behind- our feminine self. It’s important to keep in mind that women are predisposed genetically and through socialization- to a whole series of unique assets talents and gifts that are special and sourced in our feminine nature.

How can we begin to use these feminine gifts in a way that allows us to contribute at a high level, fully expressing our power and doing so from a feminine perspective? The answer to this could lead you to one of the most freeing revelations of your life. Every woman has a personal response to this question in my twenty-five years of working with women I have heard hundreds. What’s yours? 

We must first begin, by valuing our unique feminine gifts such as our verbal agility, our ability to give care and compassion, our Natural gift to see and perceive the whole of a situation, work environment or even the whole needs of the world. I believe these gifts come from having been the givers of birth and life since the beginning of time. That’s quite a credential. We need to claim this and live it in our work in corporations in our voice and concern in politics and thorough our unique and gentle care of our children and the planet. Social researchers have put a price on the value that women add to the bottom line in corporations. It’s time for us to value these gifts in all areas of our life.

Maureen Simon  
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Five ways to live with greater influence

September 29th, 2009

1.Take yourself seriously.   Take an inventory of your assets and strengths, claim them, share them, and live proudly with them.

2. Surround yourself with great mentors and teachers that can allow you to both grow and learn. Notice the ways that you are most inspired, notice the times that you feel most in need of greater knowledge.

3. Read, ask questions and read. Stay current on topics that interest you most, notice trends break downs, and areas where you can make a contribution.

4. Do more of what you love. Surround yourself with work and play that is both satisfying and enriching. Use your heart, soul, and voice in equal measure.

5. Go within and listen for what is right to you. Integrate these things ideas and feelings follow them, speak about them.

Maureen Simon    
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Taking Charge by Making Conscious Decisions Regarding Your Life – First Steps

September 15th, 2009

Life is fast and full for most of us! We go through the days like ships at sea without a compass, seemingly at the mercy of everything around us. That is when it is important to make a conscious decision to pause and realize that we are the ones responsible for our lives. We can take charge. We can find our compass, our direction, and make a difference in the world. Three steps we can take to achieve our direction are to quiet the mind, connect with the body, and evaluate whether or not we are expressing our gifts fully in the world. All three of these practical expressions can make a major difference in the quality of our lives!

The first step: Quieting The Mind

 • Set aside time in silence at least 3 days a week for 20 minutes where you can begin to get to know yourself, your needs, your desires and aspirations. Learn to identify and trust your intuition and inner voice. We all have an inner voice that guides and directs us. We just need to listen.

• Question: Can you think of one way this week that you could actually create a period of calm and stillness for yourself?

The second step: Connecting With The Body

• Learn to become more aware of your body’s needs.

• Listen more closely to the signs that your body gives you, i.e. where are there aches, sensations and areas of tightness? Is your body sending you a message? What might the message be?

• Explore these sensations through yoga or other movement you enjoy. Your body holds great information about its own healing needs and emotional state of being.

• Question: What 2 things would you need to do differently to begin to honor and care for your body in a new way?

By taking these two steps, you start to walk on a path of self-exploration. You begin to get a sense of who you are and how your life fits into the scheme of things. Each of us is unique and each of us has a unique contribution to make in the world. The world today needs the contributions that are born from the qualities and gifts embodied in women. We as women need to discover these gifts and bring them forth.

Maureen Simon    
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A Daring Adventure, Or Nothing

September 1st, 2009

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

Helen Keller

I can’t imagine a more truthful bit of wisdom.  The question is how daring do we want this adventure – our life – to be.  I believe Helen Keller was a model for daring and a model for living beyond all restrictions.  When I think of Helen Keller I begin to re-evaluate my own potential.

I come from the Celtic tradition, steeped in Celtic Wisdom which originates from an ancient culture which valued personal relationships and friendship, the rhythms of nature, including the interplay between light and dark, and creativity, magic, and beauty.  It revered the soul as an expression of unity and a symbol of oneness.  So, at these times turn to periods of quiet and self-reflection to seek the answers to the questions below.

What are the restrictions in my life that are holding me back from seeing life and living live as a daring adventure? 

  1. What will it now take for me to move into a new realm of possibilities and adventure in the months to come?
  2. What is one small step that I am now willing to make to live more in the world of adventure and possibility?

Slowing myself down to answer these questions of inner reflection is one technique I use to get myself on course.  Repeating the process is a way to keep the journey in the right direction.  In conscious living it becomes our responsibility to stop all busyness and to reflect on what is possible.  Join me.  Give some thought to the questions above – because it is in your thoughtful inquiry that newness and opportunity is born.

Maureen Simon    

Owning Who You Are

August 5th, 2009

Often when I speak with women in my consultancy I hear quotes such as: “I don’t think I have ever “owned” who I am – or internalized my greatest gifts. I am stuck.” Often women who are finding their true value and voice feel unclear about their greatest gifts and strengths. In order for us to make a significant contribution in the world we need to understand our gifts and claim and live them.

Some thoughts on Owning Who You Are:

     ~ To own who you are is to be clear about what you value and what you are here to express and contribute.

     ~ It involves prioritizing ones self and one’s needs so that one can be fully present.

     ~ It involves moving into your own skin fully so that you can voice and show up in a way that allows your full expression.

When we live fully expressed our life takes on a new meaning, energy and joy.

Maureen Simon