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Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Abundance Is A State Of Mind

July 4th, 2010

Abundance is a state of mind that we create or don’t create. It is truly a choice. We complicate matters by allowing our mind to travel down roads of past scarcity, fear or concern as we forget to see the full abundance in all aspects of our daily life. We just need to look around to notice those areas where there is fullness and choose to expand on them.

If abundance is a choice, why do we so frequently forget? Patterns of the past resurrect when days feel grey, hormones bounce around in unsettled ways and life feels challenging. It is in these very times that we need to regroup and decide what we have that makes us feel good, full and that for which we are truly grateful. We can never move towards pure abundance when we are feeling down and scarce.

The first essential element in moving from scarcity to abundance is to do what I said above…Move into gratitude for what you have.

The next element is to regroup. By regroup, I mean notice what it is that will make you feel good and abundant in this specific moment. Stay in the moment and out of the past or future.

Finally move towards your dream. Make a few small notes about what it will take for you to move towards the abundance you are craving or desiring. This could look like an intention, a small plan or a big dream. Remember abundance is not purely financial but a state of mind. Remember to include in your vision, supports, guidance and things you are currently grateful for as they will be a part of moving you forward into the next level of abundance.

Good luck on your journey. Life is full of opportunities…you choose.

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Maureen Simon

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Life Is The Journey

April 3rd, 2010

It has often been said that “Life is the journey – not the destination”.  In this case, if we aren’t enjoying the journey we are losing a large opportunity for happiness and fulfillment.  When I recently asked women what they were looking for in their lives, the overwhelming response was peace of mind.  The peace of mind they are seeking is not the peace of mind that comes on arriving at ones destination but rather the peace of mind that accompanies you along the way as you know you are headed in the right direction, developing your potential and making a difference. 

There is no better way to achieve this than to be consciously aware of your personal definition of success and empowerment and to make a commitment to beginning the journey to arrive at this destination.  The Women’s Success Blueprint, a webinar from The Essential Feminine Company™ is an excellent tool for developing your next steps on the journey.  It is a tangible, focused template to look at where you’ve been, where you want to go and the next steps to getting there.

In this webinar you address “What keeps you up at night?” and

  1. Discover what empowers you and your personal definition of success,
  2. Evaluate where you are in your business as it relates to where you hoped to be.
  3. Develop organized and focused ways to move forward,
  4. Learn who your exact clients are and how to find them in any market,
  5. Create an immediate connection with the right people,
  6. And, learn stellar time management tools so that time works for you.

Take and active step towards an exciting journey; one with happiness and peace of mind along the way.  Join us on May 5 and 12 for The Women’s Success Blueprint to develop a strategic plan for your business and your life,

Maureen Simon
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The Importance of Finding Our Life’s Purpose

July 29th, 2009

There is a great joy, lightness and a sense of knowing which prevails when we understand the purpose of our lives. The road to this destination can sometimes feel long and winding. People often speak of confusion, fear and a lack of clarity setting in. They are all part of the journey, the journey of knowing. They are actually some very clear indicators that can guide us along the way when we take note of them and use them to understand ourselves. As we come to know ourselves, we learn our purpose. It is only when we fully know the reason that we are here can we live in a fully inspired way. Our world is busy, so filled with things that need to be done. We often believe that we should ignore our feelings in order to achieve, push, drive or reach a given result. I am no longer convinced that this is true. I have found that taking time for listening in silence, observing signs, patterns and repeated feelings moves me closer to my purpose as well as allowing me to get more done. As John O’Donohue says in his book “Anam Cara” “It is in the depths of your life that you will discover the invisible necessity that has brought you here. When you begin to decipher this, your gift and giftedness come alive. Your heart quickens and the urgency of living rekindles your creativity.” We need creativity today for the world faces change at every side. It is only by our creativity that we can break the patterns of the past and bring a fresh new world into being. Dare to bring forth your gifts.

Maureen Simon