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Conscious Choices – The Golden Key to Success

We are all working to achieve a life well lived.  Be it in the work we do, the contribution we make, or the legacy we leave behind.  We are all at different stages of life, many, with different objectives.   Consciousness begins by developing our ability to clearly hear the messages that come to us from within.  Some messages give us information like a basic hunch, some like a lightning bolt some like an epiphany or a wake-up call.  Our ability to listen to these messages and to integrate them into our actions provides us with a basis for conscious living.  If we could entertain the thought that our “self” has a higher place where it operates we could begin to experience a greater flow in our lives.  It is my belief that my higher self is consistently sending me suggestions and ideas that link me to the greater purpose of my life.  Sometimes these suggestions are very subtle but when I listen and follow this guidance I notice that fascinating changes occur that inform me how to use my skills resources and capabilities.  It is in the quiet moments when I move away from busyness that this, critical information is revealed to me.

“At any moment, I could start being a better person, but which moment should I choose?”  Ashleigh Brilliant

So how does all of this relate to Conscious Choices?  Try this.   Start today by noticing the guidance that may be coming through daily that maybe you didn’t notice yesterday.  Clearly listen to any messages that come from within.  Notice if you sense a driving power or informing sense guiding you.  If so, be sure to listen and use the information that you are given.  Allow yourself to screen things that may be imposed by the busy mind.  This stage requi res discretion.  Make choices that incorporate both your inner sense of knowing and you rational mind. 

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