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Conscious Living

In our June Living Room (, we will be covering conscious choices.  As I prepared for the first half of the living room which includes a talk on this topic, I realized that consciousness lives everywhere, in the trees, animals, as well as every aspect of life.  I began to realize that consciousness is a form of self-awareness.  It includes a decision to direct our thoughts for the purpose of our personal expansion or as many would say enlightenment.  Many say simplest way to tell if we are in a truly conscious state is when we are experiencing an emotional high or exhalation.  For me this experience comes alive in me when I feel an alignment to a source (soul) much greater than myself.

Let’s take a look at conscious living and what our lives would be like if we were totally conscious.  It is a common known fact that we live approximately 80% of our lives in an unconscious state (Lipton “The Biology of Consciousness”).  This leaves us with 20% of our life where we are actually at choice – not acting from habit or past behavior.  It’s important for us to understand what past behaviors and habits are controlling the other 80%.  Here are a few keys:

                Where are you putting your energy or attention that feels numbing or dulling.

                Do you spend your time with life enhancing hobbies and activities or ones that take away from your life force?

                What percent of your day is spent in activities and work that feed your soul, knowledge base and happiness?


Consultations are available to support you in living life fully conscious.  Join us for our next Living Room at noon PST on Wednesday, June 23rd  (

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