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Designing Your Life From The Inside Out

We are often overwhelmed by the world around us and wonder how we as individuals could make a difference.  Our world isn’t the way we would like it to be; what can we do?  I believe that the only true way to change the world around us is to change our inner world as it is reflected in what we attract from the outer world.  As women we are fortunate to have powerful natural attributes and talents that can help us source success.  We need to become aware of our attributes and give them the value they deserve in our lives so that they grow. 

Think about the inner resources that we naturally hold such as a deep understanding of the whole, a natural ability for care and compassion, and a deep innate wisdom to be able to see through the outer surface of things.  If we find ways to integrate these into our lives in a way that enhances our personal power and our ability to pull from our own resources and depth our lives would become more successful (from the inside out).

The way that we do this is by creating a deep and meaningful inner life.  When we come to realize that quiet contemplation is equal and more important than active doing, success and happiness takes on a new meaning.

How do we create our inner world so that it can be reflected in our outer world?  Creating a daily practice is one way to create a strong connection between your outer world (desires and intentions) and your inner world (your contemplation, deep reflection and where you are “informed”).  Some create a daily practice through claiming quiet time in the morning to re-group, set intentions and gather themselves together before facing the busy day.  This allows for an opportunity to start the day with clarity and intention.  It’s also useful to clear time in the evening before closing your eyes from the day’s busyness to set intentions for the next day or even for a good night’s sleep.  It’s not so important what the specific practice is as long as it aligns with your values and beliefs and feeds your soul, providing you with a chance for renewal and conscious choice about your life.  Life is rich if we embrace it with an open mind and an open heart.  It’s our choice as to how we fill our waking hours.  Make some choices about how you would like to create your inner and outer life alignment going forward.  Join us for more discussion on this exciting topic on August 25th at The Essential Feminine Living Room.  We will be joined by Camille Maurine, an internationally renowned creator of the transformational Moving Theater process and author of Meditation Secrets for Women and Meditation 24/7.  Please register for this complimentary webinar at:

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