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Personal Responsibility in Leadership Serves All

As a nation, we have projected a sense of righteousness and superiority attitudes that are deeply resented in world.  Separateness and superiority have become our way of life, rooted deeply in fear.  I question– is our way of living necessarily “right”?  Many aspects of American life are unraveling before our very eyes (such as, the ability to live and lead from truth and the ability to care for the whole, our health care system, our economic foundation). I wonder who are we to put forth our superiority?  Collective responsibility expressed through empathy and understanding would benefit us all.  Therefore, one of the most important things we need in the world today is for each of us to have a sense of what it is like to walk in the shoes of another. 

 In order for our collective responsibility to change, we must change on a personal level.  Attempting to change collective responsibility will fail, as it is a symptom and not the disease.  For true change, we must accept our personal responsibility to move beyond fear, selfishness and superiority to a place of deep understanding and care for the benefit of all.  Women are particularly needed to lead this new way of living/leading because we who give birth, by our very nature hold the potential for compassion for all (the whole).  It is my wish that women step forward today and take a greater lead in where our collective (world) is headed.  It is my passion to help that to happen.


Maureen Simon    

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2 Comments on “Personal Responsibility in Leadership Serves All”

  1. 1 Michele said at 7:43 am on August 19th, 2009:

    This is such a great point you make to have women take a greater role in helping to transform our cultures collective responsibility. All I can think about as I’m reading it is the struggle I’m having with my husband and his passive aggressive behavoir. It’s very difficult for him to see his part (responsibility) in the struggles we’re having. I see some progress as I try to allow God to use me and my gifts as a woman. But the process is slow and sometimes I grow weary. And reading your article helps me to relate my situation on a much larger scale. The lack of accountability seems to be major in our society and I agree with you that it has to start in the home. I too encourage every woman out there to use your gift of nurturing to changing our society one family at a time!

  2. 2 maureens912 said at 10:59 pm on August 22nd, 2009:

    It takes great patients and undestanding to witness and be a part of anothers learning process as we explore what part of any given situation that we ourselves own. Gandhi may be a good modle for you at this time. And remember even he had strong clear limits for what was acceptable in the transformation of India! Remember to always be safe and to have boundries in place for yourself when things do not feel right. Thanks for the comment.
    My Best,

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