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Solid Foundations are a Must When Creating Influence and Success in Life

It is important to look at the foundations or the supports of your life when creating a life of success and influence.  More and more women are interested in creating influence and success, but in order to create these qualities in our lives, in a sustainable way, we must really get to know ourselves—Socrates—said it well when he said “Know Thyself”.

Having a solid foundation in life includes:

  • Knowing what you believe
  • Knowing what you need
  • Knowing what you value

All of this may seem quite straight forward. You may feel that you have looked at these questions at different stages in life, but it is key to keep this inquiry open and alive at all stages of life. This inner inquiry is something that you never outgrow.  The answers that your inner voice will deliver are ever-changing and consistently build on the days and experiences of past.  In other words, our past continually informs our present and what we believe need and value in the past allow us to build on and develop stronger and richer foundations today.

Take a moment to evaluate what you believed to be true and important ten years ago.  How have you changed, how have you grown?  Do the same thing with what you needed and valued ten years ago.  How have you changed? How have you grown?  Our lives form a rich tapestry, it is up to us to see the weaving in the richness of the fabric.  Our history and past experiences are part of the foundation of the life we live today.  The art is in remembering to update them.  Join us at on Wednesday, November 18, for the first in a series of four webinars where you can learn to develop influence and success.

Maureen Simon  
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