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Success from the Feminine Perspective

Many women are exploring ways to create more success in their lives. I think that’s great, but I think there’s more to life for women than just success. So often we have been putting on the trousers, climbing the ladder, and doing things in a masculine way in all areas of our life. The problem with this is that we inevitably leave an important part of our authentic self behind- our feminine self. It’s important to keep in mind that women are predisposed genetically and through socialization- to a whole series of unique assets talents and gifts that are special and sourced in our feminine nature.

How can we begin to use these feminine gifts in a way that allows us to contribute at a high level, fully expressing our power and doing so from a feminine perspective? The answer to this could lead you to one of the most freeing revelations of your life. Every woman has a personal response to this question in my twenty-five years of working with women I have heard hundreds. What’s yours? 

We must first begin, by valuing our unique feminine gifts such as our verbal agility, our ability to give care and compassion, our Natural gift to see and perceive the whole of a situation, work environment or even the whole needs of the world. I believe these gifts come from having been the givers of birth and life since the beginning of time. That’s quite a credential. We need to claim this and live it in our work in corporations in our voice and concern in politics and thorough our unique and gentle care of our children and the planet. Social researchers have put a price on the value that women add to the bottom line in corporations. It’s time for us to value these gifts in all areas of our life.

Maureen Simon  
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