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Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

A Mid-Year Wake Up

May 12th, 2010

Every life holds a higher purpose.  It is important to know how our actions and thoughts contribute to this purpose and, therefore, to the good of others.  When we connect our will to a higher will we immediately do well and serve others.  When we serve others there is a richness of spirit in our lives.  We all have a special contribution to make.  When we dream about our ideal life, we are beginning to envision our highest potential.  And, if we can align our lives with the highest good for all, we experience the benefit of this in our own lives.  Inner listening is a sure way to connect with higher will.  Notice messages that come through in your dreams as well as the signs that make themselves clear in your day-to-day life. 

The energy that we have in our day is directly correlated with our higher purpose.  When our actions and higher purpose are aligned we experience a vibrancy and energy that feels alive.  If we experience our energy shutting down or dullness, we are probably not aligned with our higher will.  Listen closely for the messages through moods, signs in the body, the quality of your health and the way that you feel in certain environments.  Your body your mind and your spirit all hold extremely valuable information.

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Beyond Uncertainty

August 23rd, 2009

More so than ever before in the last fifty years, uncertainty is a part of everyday life. We are living today in a time when a lack of economic security, stressed relationships, and world upheaval puts pressure on each of us.  To flourish in the face of this pressure, it is necessary to step back, take charge and consider what goal we want to move towards.  An important question to ask is:  What do I want to come of this?   Since doubt comes when we hold conflicting desires, being clear of our purpose is the first step in becoming free from our doubts and fears.  Knowing our purpose and holding it steadfastly allows the things we need to come towards us. 

 By understanding our purpose and ourselves, we can be confident in the face of the world’s uncertainty.  If our purpose is aligned with hope and the highest possible good, it cannot fail.  So, ask yourself where your greatest about of uncertainty lies.  Ask why it exists in your life at this time and what you can learn about yourself from it.  Ask what is the highest good that can come from it.  Let the answers come to you and you may be surprised at you inner strength and reserves.


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