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Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Feminine Abundance: Feminine Strength

July 21st, 2010

You may have noticed this month we’ve been focusing on Feminine Abundance.  I’ve been noticing that women build wealth and abundance in a unique way that incorporates the attributes they naturally hold.  Remember, we are highly relational and continually looking after the whole.  We cautiously take risks but still hold protection for the nest egg we build and the families we support.  Remembering that abundance is not just based in money, we must also take into account the richness of the relationships and care that are a natural part of our abundance.  As we create and build relationships we create a rich web of support that allows us to manifest and create at a very high level in our day to day lives. 

Our main challenge is to set clear intentions that allow us to hold to a specific set of possibilities.  Staying focused on outcomes –  which is a very linear gift for the masculine – is one of our greatest opportunities.  The feminine is emotionally expressive and highly capable of working with emotions and releasing resistance.  This is a great asset that we can use in our journey to build great abundance.  The asset is: as we express our emotions and learn to clear blocks we can remove obstacles and authentically build great wealth of all kinds.

Remember to track your success and allow yourself to receive your desired outcomes, visions and dreams.  Trust that this can be done with ease and grace.  Allow for your contribution and life’s meaning to be revealed.  Once you are clear on where you are headed, don’t push and drive but as the feminine does so well ALLOW.  The greatest is yet to come.

We will be exploring Feminine Abundance much more deeply at The Essential Feminine Living Room on July 28th at 12 noon (12 noon to 1:15 PST) and hope you will join us.  Register now to insure your seat.

Maureen Simon  
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