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Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Designing an Intentional Blueprint for 2010

November 24th, 2009

In order to create an intentional beginning to the New Year, we must evaluate the road that we have just traveled. Where have we been in the past year? What in the past year has served us? And what in the past year needs to be different going forward? What standards do you want to create in your life in 2010 that will bring your life to a whole new level? How do we redesign our life in a way that serves us in our highest vision of ourselves.

Incorporating life’s lessons of the past is central. Updating our beliefs, reassessing our values, and understanding what we truly need today—are all foundational. Beginning to understand what passion means to us and how to best use life’s challenges and opportunities form the second layer of inquiry that we must explore. Moving into the world with purpose allows us to link with higher will. And then there are the practical housekeeping pieces of how we work with time and rhythm and cycles of life. How we create balance informs how sustainable our blueprint will be. Our trust in manifestation and our ability to co-create with teams, colleagues and a higher power all allow us to design a blueprint that is sustainable, reflective, and deeply connected to our higher purpose here.

What is your higher purpose here? What needs to be different in 2010 for you to align and live in deeper connection with that purpose? What is one commitment that you are willing to make between now and December 31 that will move you towards a greater vision?

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