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Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Welcome To The Essential Feminine Blog

Women World-Wide Are Making Change – Are You?

February 9th, 2010

Around the world, more stories are being written about change.  As Ghandi said, “We must be the change we want to see in the world.” For me this has always meant that I must look at the things within myself that need to change to improve in order for me to make a meaningful impact on the world.  

In 1994, Rwanda once again made the news with the genocide that killed more than 800,000 people, most of whom were men and boys, leaving Rwanda’s population at 70% female.

Fast-forwarding to 2008: “The economy has revived and is holding steady. Major road arteries between cities and outlying villages, which were destroyed, have been rebuilt. Today, the Rwandan lower house of Parliament is nearly half female, the highest percentage of women in any parliament worldwide. Girls are attending school in record numbers.

The women of Rwanda are behind one of the most inspiring comeback stories of national transformation in recent history. And while their story is dramatic, it’s not unique. Indeed, in the field of international development, women have emerged as the not-so-secret secret to changing the world.

As former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has said, “If there is one lesson we in the United Nations have learned over the years, it is that investing in women is the most productive strategy a country can pursue”–to raise economic productivity, improve nutrition and health, and educate the next generation.””

  How Women Will Change The World Huffington Post  Update 6/2/08 Filed by Anya Strzemien  

When women begin to understand the natural gifts and talents we hold, claim them and use them we will gain a strength and contribution that will bring the feminine forward in the world in a way that has never been seen.  The time is now.

Maureen Simon
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