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Taking Charge by Making Conscious Decisions Regarding Your Life — Step Three

 As we quiet our minds and connect with our bodies we discover more and more about ourselves and our own unique gifts.  As we learn to honor these feminine gifts, we begin to connect more with who we are and our purpose in life.  It is not enough to know who we are.  We must express who we are in a way that enhances our lives and the world around us.  It is in the expression of our gifts and purpose that our lives become deeply meaningful. 

 A path to achieving a meaningful life includes the two steps mentioned earlier, quieting the mind and connecting with the body, and the third step of expressing our gifts in the world.  Here are some ways we can use to begin this journey.

Step three:

Expressing our gifts in the world 

  • Begin to look at the day-to-day changes that you can make in your life to express more of who you really are.
  • Evaluate whether or not your day is made up of work activities and projects that fulfill you.
  • In the course of each day, do you fully express your greatest gifts? (For example, if you’re a writer, make sure that your day includes writing; if you enjoy people, make sure that your day involves social contact and is not limited to working at a desk job; if you enjoy nature, make sure that each day includes time outdoors.)
  • Question: How could you bring more joy, richness, and fulfillment into your life on a daily basis?  What areas of your life could you improve?

 May we all develop our full potential and bring it forth into this world which truly needs our gifts to save it. 

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