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Taking Confidence to a Whole New Level for Big Time Life Payoffs

We often don’t take time to look at or think about how confident we are in our life, our life challenges and the world.  Our confidence is rooted in many aspects of our lives.  Some of these aspects include how we feel physically, how we look or feel we look, and how aligned our life is with a greater meaning or purpose. 

Our health:  The quality of our health directly relates to the energy we have on a daily basis and how we feel over all.

Our physical appearance:  posture and how we show up in the world dictates how we are perceived and received.  It is also a direct reflection, in many cases, as to how we feel about ourselves. 

The greater meaning and purpose that our life holds is also a key factor in building strong confidence – as when we have meaning in our lives our days become brighter, more alive and richer in all ways. 

Confidence as we can see is built from many different aspects of our life.  I have recently re-ignited a yoga practice and have noticed how my posture has improved and how waling into a room I feel stronger, more upright and more confident.  I also have been noticing the foods I put into my body and how specifically I feel after eating different foods.  There is something very consistent about the buzz of sugar and the immediate bliss I receive but an hour later I can consistently count on a physiological dip.  If you meet me during this dip and after not having stretched or loosened up the tightness in my body for some time, you would be meeting a less confident woman who carries herself differently In the world.  Trust me, I have tested this correlation time and time again.  I have come to realize that we cannot express next level confidence without looking at our bodies, our minds and our spirit.  I recently heard Deepak Chopra give a talk on body mind medicine to about 2500 people in California.  Not only are we interrelated on the global front through, commerce, our monetary system, the way that germs and epidemics travel  but we are also interconnected within  our own being.  A truly confident woman gains strength from a fully respected, fully charged body from a mind that is clear and rested and a soul that is deeply expressed, in the way that she shows up contributes and lives in this world.

 This month in the Essential Feminine Living Room we will be discussing next level confidence.  We will look at the many components that go into a confident well-lived life.  When you line up the different areas we will be looking at and incorporate them into your life you will have the opportunity to take your confidence to a whole new level.  Check the blog each week in October as we will be adding more food for thought.  Today, take a look at your life and decide of the areas we have covered, which ones you need to view more closely to gain far more confidence in your live.  Join us on October 27 at noon PST for our next Living Room entitled: Taking Confidence to a Whole New Level for Big Time Life Payoffs.   Register now at: as we limit the available seats.  There will be an opportunity for conversation and networking.  Share the word. 

Maureen Simon  
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