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We Are a Part of a Much Greater Picture: Our Passion is an Indicator

“Deep within every life, no matter how dull or ineffectual it may seem from the outside there is something eternal happening.” John O’Donohue

I’ve come to know that we are part of a much greater picture than we might believe when we sit stuck in a traffic jam or feel frustrated about a challenging communication in our day. These days I have been learning to take an aerial view and fly high above the simple challenges that take place in my day-to-day life. I have come to believe that each of our lives may sometimes feel ineffectual, but in reality something very major is happening. The real art is to learn how to tune in to what is most important in our life? How do we identify what our true passion is so that we can begin to move from ineffectual to fully alive and passionate.

I believe the answer to us finding our passion-lies in our ability to connect with what is deep in our life – what is significant and important to us. I believe that we have deep wells of joy that are waiting to erupt as a geyser or a spring. We must take time to listen and to allow the answers and information that we need to find us.

Silence is a natural way to connect with what we hold deep in our hearts. Trust that through silence signs that come into your daily life – trust and your ability to follow what feels good and right in your life will all serve as great resources on your journey to connecting with the bigger eternal aspects of your life.

Maureen Simon    
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