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Why Does Our Inner Life Create Success In Our Outer Life

The reason women come to me is because they say they have done all that they are supposed to do and are still not happy.  They got an education, climbed the ladder, but they sometimes feel empty.  They have ignored their spirit, inner voice and deepest desires.

Here’s the problem.  Women work hard.  Some get top flight educations but feel empty inside.  Some stay in jobs they dislike for security, ignoring their sprit and inner voice.  Some lose track of their natural ways to fit into masculine business scenarios. 

The only way that we can reach true success is when we allow our inner quiet wisdom and knowledge to guide us on a daily basis.  The only way that we can truly receive this guidance is by listening.  The only way we can truly listen is by having a way to connect with this guidance.  For some this connection comes in the form of meditation, for others prayer.  My way is through silence – deep silence in the early morning.  Before my day begins I embark upon a quiet inner journey.  I seek stillness and drop into the quietness.  From this place, a sense of refreshment often arises.  By the end of my quiet moments I often feel renewal and a sense of peace.  At times I will leave my quiet sitting with an idea or thought that I believe never would have visited me had I not stayed still long enough to receive it.

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