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Welcome to the resource section of our site. Visit this section on a regular basis as we will be posting numerous items in the coming months. Look for creative life resource tools, articles, guided checklists-all to enhance your ability to live with influence and success from the feminine perspective.

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Radio Shows and Interviews

Maureen and Linda Rivero

Maureen Simon kicked off her virtual book tour with a live radio broadcast with Linda Rivero. Linda is the host of Global Feminine Rising Radio ~ Celebrating the Rise of Feminine Energy on our Planet.

If you missed Maureen's live radio show,

      1. here is the replay link
. Maureen and Linda are awesome together! Listen in as Maureen tells us why the essential feminine is so vital in the roles we play today.

      2. Listen to the radio show


Are You Taking Advantage of Your Femininity?

As a social alchemist, Maureen addresses women’s pertinent issues of social change and transformation. Maureen joins Speak Up! to talk more about what the "Essential Feminine" means and how women can use their femininity to achieve success.

Interview conducted by Pat Lynch, host of Speak Up!

Listen to the interview.


Special podcast interview of Maureen Simon by Angela Artemis

What led Maureen to discover the message of the “essential feminine?” Why is “the essential feminine” an important message for women to embrace today? What are the “attributes” of  the “essential feminine?” Can women find more success through using their “essential gifts?” How will using “essential feminine gifts” affect corporate culture? What are Maureen’s views on women, intuition and business success?

Listen to the interview.


The Road To Success (PDF)

Beyond Uncertainty (PDF)

Cutting the Ties That Bind (PDF) – a resource to help you release and move on from people places and things that are holding you back.