The Essential Feminine Company - Empowering Women to Create Successful Businesses and LivesThe Essential Feminine Company - Empowering Women to Create Successful Businesses and Lives

Classes we've offered in the past

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The 2014 Business Reset Group Teleconference

Join me for an unique and very special 4 week teleseminar to set clear, powerful, measurable intentions for your business that can lead you to increased income.

How to Earn What You’re Worth

Six Steps to Doubling Your Income Within a Year

A complimentary webinar for women in business and entrepreneurs

with Maureen Simon

Join Maureen Simon, author and internationally acclaimed Business and Life Design Consultant, to learn the six steps to doubling your income…starting immediately.

In this complimentary webinar for professional women and entrepreneurs, you will find out how to stop shortchanging yourself and prepare the ground to build the wealth and prosperity you desire. Take this priceless opportunity as your first step to establish financial well-being and prosperity.

  • Learn the #1 “secret” to break through the pattern of under-earning and create unlimited income
  • Discover the six steps to a transforming your relationship with money
  • Create a simple action plan to begin to immediately put your financial life on the right track.


This event has already happened but you may listen to it here.


About Maureen Simon

Maureen is the founder of The Essential Feminine Company(tm) (TEF)-a lifestyle and business design company that supports women in creating successful, powerful lives that incorporate their feminine attributes and gifts through her work with women in private consulting and in groups.

Maureen’s experience working with women is based on over 25 years of successfully mentoring and guiding women leaders from around the world in creating successful lives and businesses that reflect their values. She is the author of the worldwide selling book- “Awakening the Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”. Her book teaches women about powerful feminine attributes that women naturally have -that once learned and claimed will change not only the quality of their lives but the state of the world that we live in. For more information, visit


I, Maureen Simon, am not even remotely implying that the average person (or anyone) will earn millions as a result of attending this webinar (or any other training for that matter). But you will be a lot clearer on how to earn what you are worth.


Mini Mastermind 2014

Mini Mastermind 2014

You are only one month away from the clarity that you have been craving….

….and truly deserve!

Full course for $99.00

(Yes, I’ve listened to your requests for an affordable way to get the support you need to make 2014 amazing—and here it is!)

2014 is a whole new year, a line has been drawn in the sand… and you now have the opportunity to step over it and create something new. It is a perfect time to “get real” and to get serious about what you want to create in your life right now.

This 4-week Mastermind is ideal for women who are interested in:

  • Moving forward intentionally, in their life and business
  • Accessing your higher self as you claim your higher voice
  • Living a dynamic, custom-designed life

In this mastermind, you will receive the support of Maureen Simon as you:

  • Identify what your ideal 2014 looks like through visioning and guided exercises
  • Set clear, powerful intentions
  • Design a life plan that can help you to move towards your most desired life vision
  • Come together one month later for accountability check-in

Good living requires self-awareness, an understanding of your daily rhythm, and a commitment to meeting your daily needs.

Join Maureen Simon for four transformative Thursdays:

September 16, 2014 – October 7, 2014

11 am – 12:15 pm PST


The Mini Mastermind includes:

  • 4 virtual group sessions
  • In-group support – and partnering (optional)
  • 1 group follow-up accountability call one month after the group’s completion

Full course for $99


About Maureen

Maureen Simon supports thousands of women worldwide to create new businesses through her groups and private sessions. Maureen’s experience working with women is based on over 25 years, of successfully mentoring and guiding women to create successful lives and businesses that reflect their values. She is the author of the worldwide selling book, “Awakening the Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”.

What people are saying about Maureen’s work:

“Maureen has an incredible talent for inspiring, motivating, supporting, teaching and challenging women from all over the world in ways that enable them to propel their business to unimaginable NEW levels of success and growth.”

Robert G. Allen, Multiple Streams of Income/The One Minute Millionaire

“Private groups are a safe place for women to explore their next steps or even their current options. After working with Maureen in one of her private groups I was struck by her work processes and stellar credentials. My friends and I rave about our group work with Maureen.”

– Karen Aiken, Building Bridges Strategies and Communications

“The Essential Feminine Companies webinars and courses have been empowering for me and my business. For the past year I have participated and experienced the Living Rooms as a leadership community of essential feminine women who are creating quality lives through exploring important topics.”

– Nancy Shields, Creator/Founder –

Opening photo credit: Sharktank-Creative Commons

The Women’s Elixir* Course

How to Achieve Prosperity, Influence and Passion in Your Life Now

*Elixir is a sweetened, magical solution that allows us to transform the base metals of our life into gold

The Women’s Elixir Course

Did you ever feel like?

You have learned a lot about life and are now being called to something greater, to put the many pieces of your life together so they align with what you most value and how you really want to live? Are you ready to really show up – make a difference and live a prosperous fulfilled life? I felt this way and sat down and designed a journey that guided me to live the life of my dreams and I am now – for the first time ready to reveal it with you! I personally invite you to work with me in a small hand selected group of women over a two month period as we take a life transforming journey that you will never forget – to redesign your life!



On the journey, you will:

  • Redesign your business and life-consciously – by looking closely at what is working and what is not and at the real reason you are here (your destiny).
  • Regroup your entire life within 60 days using proven tools, resources and support from Maureen’s personal tool kit, techniques that have already supported thousands of women as they transformed their lives and this time you will work in a small exclusive group.
  • Discover how to listen from within and think through how to take your life and dreams to a whole new level with Maureen’s support.
  • Power team network with a small group of POWERFULL women who are ready to get their lives working on their terms.
  • Walk away with a new roadway and focus–clear and measurable- to support you in living your newly designed life with meaning and fulfillment –consciously!

The Specific Benefits of Joining the Group Community Include-Support and guidance and tools to:

  • …Double your income this year by getting real and honest about what works now in your business and what you need to change to grow your business
  • …Love your life- wake up excited and ready to begin your day- begin to live daily with your destiny (reason for being here) at the forefront of your life. Decide and consciously create what is next for you -with support- in- your business life, personal life and in your family life.
  • …Experience unlimited motivation and clarity –- fueled by learning how to create your personal life rhythm and practices to support your new life. Learn specific skills and gain powerful tools that you can use daily.
  • …Learn how to claim your influential feminine attributes in business and life and how to lead with these attributes at the forefront of your life to optimize your success.
  • …Create a life of impact and fulfillment- by creating your own personal life design that includes –business clarity, a daily practice, a support network.

Walk away with your custom designed Conscious Business and Life Design with specific outcomes and accountability built-in!

The course runs Thursday, September 26 – November 14 for 8 consecutive Thursdays.

Sessions will be 1 ½ hours beginning at 12 noon PST

Two month online course – $4,999

Use Code to Receive Special Price of $1,999 for the first registrants



OR pay in 3 installments of $666


You will receive the following bonuses when you sign up

  1. mp3 of The Essential Feminine Living Room
  2. ebook Copy of Maureen’s book “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power”
  3. Life Planning Document – “The Essential Feminine Women’s Life Blue Print©”
  4. The Essential Feminine -Success From The Inside Out- Life Guide©”
  5. An Interactive 30 minute Life Intention Setting session call.


“Private groups are a safe place for women to explore their next steps or even their current options. After working with Maureen in one of her private groups I was struck by her work processes and stellar credentials. My friends and I rave about our group work with Maureen”.
– Karen Aiken
Building Bridges Strategies and Communications

“As a former conference director, I have been privileged to work with some of the great transformational leaders of our time-and rarely have I met someone like Maureen Simon. With exquisite grace, she rapidly catalyzes positive change…moving people out of procrastination and into their power more quickly and elegantly than anyone I have ever known.”
– Deborah Evans
Writer and coach


The 2013 Redesign Your Life Online Sessions!

It‘s your life. Decide to live it consciously now!

February 21 and March 7 at 12 – 1:15 pm PST

What do you most desire?  Time is moving on….are you coming or staying in the past?

An Amazing Partner,

More inner Peace,

More Abundance,

Full expression in your work and Life Purpose…

First you need to discover what needs to be different…

Then…you need to find out what you are really committed to NOW!

 Finally you need to really create life – from the inside out.

Join me.

Together we will-

  • Look at the dreams you keep dreaming and not creating and why
  • Decide what intentions you are now committed to create in 2013—including what you value –deeply- and want to create or have more of in your life
  • Create a clear intentional – measurable plan 
  • Live your clear – strong manifestations
  • Have an opportunity to measure your results 3 months out!

Join me on a life transforming journey as I share my personal manifestation process for a conscious Business and Life Design. 

The clearer we are the easier it is to life the life we so desire to live.

Option #1

The 2013 Redesign Your Life Online Sessions

February 21 and February 28 at 12  1:15 PST

$159 for 2 on line sessions- (Group size is limited – Reserve your seat NOW).

Option #2

(Offer available only to those purchasing 1/26 and 1/31 course. Registration only available until January 26, 2013)

Measure Your Results Session

April 25, 2013 — 12 noon to 1:15 PST

$59 for one online follow up session.  



  The Essential Feminine Living Room – A Global Networking Community

Complimentary Monthly Teleseminars – 3rd Wednesday of each month

All sessions will be held 12 pm PST and will run 1 ½ hours long. Complimentary Monthly Teleseminars – 3rd Wednesday of each month for women who want to look more closely at key issues that affect their day-to-day success, happiness and overall well-being in a highly supportive environment. The Essential Feminine Living Room is a global networking community that meets virtually on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Topics that address women’s pertinent needs in business and life are covered monthly. Women from all over the world exchange ideas and support. In the Living Room, mysteries unfold, profound learning occurs. You never know who you will meet and where the journey will take you.


Redefining Success: Custom Designing An Empowered and Fulfilled Life

Online course to activate prosperity, self expression and success from the feminine perspective

“Power comes from a higher sense of meaning. When you line up the higher a sense of meaning, the power starts to flow.”

When: November 15 and 22, 2012 at 12 – 1:30 p.m. PST

Price: $99

In this signature Essential Feminine workshop, Maureen Simon guides you through an in-depth exploration of how to use your own unique feminine attributes to awaken and claim your personal sense of power, influence and prosperity. 

Through a process that includes inner inquiry, referencing and use of universal principles, and hands-on application, you will learn to transform your life and business and activate a life of true meaning – whether it is to help you make more money, build your business or career, have more influence among your peers and clients, gain more freedom or come home to yourself. By identifying and claiming your highest personal values, you will learn to familiarize yourself with the highest meaning of your life. 

Following this course, you will have an opportunity to walk away with a transformed business and personal life design – a foundation for stepping forward into greater personal and business success, enjoyment, and fulfillment.

What the "new success" fully lived life looks like:

  • Personal and spiritual influence 
  • Effectiveness
  • Prosperity through feminine abundance
  • Right use of will, power, and influence
  • Enlivened and empowered intuition
  • Guidance from our inner and outer beauty
  • Relationships based on care and compassion
  • A powerful voice

With Maureen's guidance and a clear pathway before you, look forward to experiencing your life in a way never have before. It is time for women to come home to ourselves. We will do this when we allow ourselves to clarify what is most meaningful and next in our lives. We are at a crossroads of many powerful choices. It is our time to choose.

Seen through the feminine perspective, this work is designed to generate a New Power – one that helps you make more money, build your business or career, have more influence among your peers and clients, and gain more freedom.  Through the process of learning how to “come home to yourself,” you will learn to define and claim your personal power, influence and prosperity.

Divine Destiny: Live Your Calling, Come Alive

(designed specifically to support you to live your calling and express your power in 2012)

Each person has a unique and meaningful reason for being here. Life becomes dynamic and alive when we come to know that reason and live it fully expressed daily in our lives, but it takes focus to determine what that reason is and to design our lives with our destiny fully engaged. When we take the time to explore our destiny our quality of life improves beyond our greatest imagination. In this virtual webinar held over a period of two weeks learn:

  • How to identify the deepest meaning "destiny" of your life.
  • Discover ways to enliven your destiny so that your life holds meaning and your gifts are fully expressed.
  • In our work together, create a pathway that will move you towards living through destiny fully expressed day to day. This course is for women who know there here for a reason greater than themselves and are ready to live their truest destiny. 

Divine Destiny

Format: two sessions to be held via GoToMeeting (includes online access and/or call-in number) from the United States.

When: October 11 and 18, 2012 at 12 – 1:30 p.m. PST

Price: $99

The Essential Feminine Power Series™

Price: $20

The Power of Feminine Thought

December 19, 2012 at 12 – 1 p.m. PST

Join us for a very special, very affordable online event to learn specific ways that your natural feminine gifts can lead you to more satisfaction and joy in your life! You – as a women have powerful gifts that many of us do not use or even know we have that once claimed can totally change the quality of our lives! After attending the 45 minute power house session will can walk away with fuel to ignite you into claiming a powerful feminine attribute that you naturally possess.

The attributes covered in this nine part series can be found in my book Awakening The Essential Feminine Claiming Your Influential Power. It is optional, but I suggest that you purchase this book to get more out of this series.

You can also reserve your seats for future Power Hours:

The Power of Feminine Creativity and Innovation

January 23, 2013 at 12 – 1 p.m. PST

The Power of Feminine Imagination and Vision

February 27, 2013 at 12 – 1 p.m. PST

The Power of Feminine Language

March 27, 2013 at 12 – 1 p.m. PST

The Power of Feminine Appreciation for Beauty and Aesthetic

April 24, 2013 at 12 – 1 p.m. PST

The Power of Feminine Intuition

May 22, 2013 at 12 – 1 p.m. PST

The Power of The Feminine Expression and Use of Power

June 26, 2013 at 12 – 1 p.m. PST

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