The Essential Feminine Company - Empowering Women to Create Successful Businesses and LivesThe Essential Feminine Company - Empowering Women to Create Successful Businesses and Lives


Talent.Me Guests, Welcome to the Essential Feminine Company!

We are delighted that you were able to join us at the webinars. The event was a hit with over 4,000 registered to attend. We are now receiving feedback from women around the world who attended the webinar. They are saying that, in the webinar, they learned the first steps to take to:

  • Have more confidence
  • Find new ways to look at the challenges and opportunities in their lives
  • Become ready to show up more fully in their lives with their powerful feminine gifts and attributes

The time is now for women to fully show up in business and life. We are here to help you make it happen.

As a registrant for the webinar, we have a special treat for you. Enter your email address below and you will receive a private invitation to join a Q&A on the subject of Women Fully Showing Up and Living Fully Alive: Answers to Questions We Are All Asking that will take place on May 15 at 12 p.m. PST.

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Our mission is to support women to fully live with their talents and gifts in their business and lives. We know we have done our job right when we see you bring your powerful gifts alive in your life. We know that you can make a major difference in the world when you are confident, aware of your gifts and talents and excited about fully showing up.

– Maureen Simon, Founder and Creative Director of the Essential Feminine Company